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Like the other areas, you can get new missions by checking the adventure board at base camp, or waiting for Sims to call you.Before you get started, make sure you have enough dried food and showers in a can. She’s left some important papers in the Tomb of Discovery.Ignore the dive well; if you’ve already done the Pangu’s Axe adventure in China, you can smash the boulder here for a treasure chest.Grab the treasure you can and go back to the large room.

Before going through, inspect the left wall for a secret door.

Dive into the well in the secret room to unlock another secret door, then loot the room behind that. There are hidden doors on either side of this large room.

Start with the left one, disarming the floor trap in the room behind it.

You need five pieces; if not enough have grown yet, inspect the wall opposite the stairs to find a secret door, and head through.

Loot the treasure chest and go back to the statues; push the middle one onto the fire trap to disable it.

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