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After all, there are people out there who are not FB users but who also want to use online dating sites or wouldn’t want to link up their Facebook account anyway.The membership numbers are very promising thanks to the Facebook affiliation.Call us old-fashioned but we really think there’s more to online dating than just photos.Then there’s the ‘Intros’ feature where ‘Dr Smartypants’ supposedly uses science to find new intros for you three times a day.The science behind this feature isn’t really explained at length, except for claiming that interests and behaviours of millions of members are taken into account to create ‘one of the most advanced compatibility formulas ever’.Excuse us for being a little skeptical – but it really does seem that if you have, for example, marked Sex and The City or Kings of Leon as the TV show and a band that you like, you’re automatically matched with some of those millions of people out there who seem to enjoy the same thing.We are not in high school any more to choose our dates only on the basis of the bands they like.It’s also not easy to tell how active those members are and those who might not be using the site any longer.

While photos are essential on a dating site it shouldn’t be the only thing taken into consideration when browsing through profiles!

If you like someone on the site, it does have a Facebook-type of a like-button attached to the profiles.

As means of contact you can send messages (unlimited number if you’re a paying member) and/or use the site’s own IM-chat, which, by the way, is free even for non-paying members to use.

Granted, the more interests you mark down, the more accurate the result might be but it only reflects your interests and your likes, not really your personality!

Thirdly, you can of course perform a standard search as well.

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As a result of this, the profiles come out as quite messy, random and not really revealing much about the members.