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Cavanagh hat dating site

The town is on the main N3 road that links Dublin (to the south) with Enniskillen, Ballyshannon and Donegal Town (to the north).

Developments in Cavan during the early 19th century saw the building of a new wide street that still bears the name 'Farnham Street'.The former Cavan Town Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks was demolished in 1968.Its successor stood on the corner of Farnham Street (also known as Casement Street, named after Sir Roger Casement) and Abbey Street.During his lordship, a Franciscan friary was established close to the O’Reilly stronghold at Tullymongan and was at the centre of the settlement close to a crossing over the river and to the town’s marketplace.The friary’s location is marked by an eighteenth-century tower in the graveyard at Abbey Street which appears to incorporate remains of the original medieval friary tower.

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