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He pointed out its top Nielsen ratings position and its number one position in the number of Web visits and in the com Score mobile rating.

is a true "powerhouse" and the top challenger to Idol's dominance thanks to such things as 13 million Facebook friends, its number one ranking in terms of press mentions and nearly all-positive online buzz, he said.

it’s where we kind of met and had a little chat and she’s a lovely girl,” he continued.

“I was super bummed for her getting eliminated, I thought she was going to win.” “You said, ‘You can sing really well and you’re hot,’” Shaun joked. “I didn’t say that, but she’s lovely.” Adding, “We were all just having dinner.

Dawn regularly blogs DWTS, while I'm in charge of "Idol." I won't lie: There's a pretty massive rivalry.

Maybe the new "Idol"/DWTS peace offering means it's time for us to finally hold hands and skip around the office.

Pia will sing while Mark dances with pro Karina Smirnoff.

S., said the firm is keeping an eye on how the show is doing as Charlie Sheen won't be called back and how possible replacements for the show's former star may affect it, but so far this year, the firm has seen "no slowdown in the popularity of and interest in the show." last year showed its "unparalleled staying power," even ahead of its new panel of judges, said Kahn.

Shaun Robinson caught up with Mark after Monday’s show, where the ballroom hunk dished details on his recent night out with he 22-year-old big-voiced brunette. “I watch ‘American Idol,’ always have, she was my favorite, she was my pick to win and I actually voted too, because I know what it’s like when you don’t vote, you get eliminated.” Mark said he was sad to see his “Idol” pick sent packing from the FOX reality competition that films next to his ABC reality competition in Los Angeles.

“We kind of we went out with a group and it was a few of us there…

Perhaps "Idol" and DWTS have joined forces to ensure "The Voice" suffers. Either way, it'll be an important night for reality TV fans.

I'll live-blog at least the first episode of "The Voice" and use the interest level to gauge whether I'll cover the rest of the season. As for Pia's DWTS performance, I'll confidently rely on my colleague Dawn Minty's coverage.

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Angela Kang, who has been with the series since 2011, has been promoted to showrunner of the flagship starting with season nine, while Gimple will serve as chief content officer and oversee all things ' Walking Dead,' from shows to gaming and more.

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