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Dating direct camera sex

This page will tell you what you need to be aware of and how to make sure asthma doesn’t impact any aspect of sex, dating and relationships.

If you have severe asthma, we have a page on sex and relationships designed for you.

If you’d rather take your inhaler without them watching you, you could say you’re popping to the toilet to use it.

Here, we’ll look at how to cope with any anxieties you might have.

Sex with a new partner can be nerve-wracking anyway, but you may have a few extra concerns because of your asthma.

If they are put off by it, remember this is more to do with them than you and most potential partners won’t be put off by your asthma.

In our survey, over 68 per cent of you told us asthma has directly got in the way of your sex life, and 46 per cent said you felt you’d be more confident sexually if you didn’t have asthma.

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