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Eyealike breaks down facial components and analyzes them separately: So if you're a fan of Charlize Theron, you can look for potential mates with a similar nose, skin tone, chin shape or hair texture.

Heuss says this is more effective than simple facial-measurement tools.

"I think there is plenty of the market to go around.

And, frankly, I think we have a better product and stronger team to push it through." Now, the closest competitor to Active Symbols is probably Polar Rose, a Sweden-based facial-recognition startup that raised .1 million last year.

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Active Symbols hopes to incorporate its technology into that of major dating sites, but so far does not have any signed agreements to do so, says company President Greg Heuss.

While company President Greg Heuss said Eyealike could transform the online dating business -- allowing people to find mates by the geometry of one's face, hair color or skin tone -- he acknowledged that the concept does rub some the wrong way.

But Heuss said online dating sites are intrigued with facial search as an extension of personality questionnaires and other matching techniques.

"They want to use this to add on or enhance those, so when you are looking for the physical side ...

you can start with an image, because everybody is basing their search on images anyway within the sites," he said. But that is the way it is, fortunately or unfortunately, out there." Heuss calls the online dating industry the "low-hanging fruit" and a "great showcase" of what Eyealike can do, but he said the facial recognition technology has applications ranging from homeland security to online video copyright protection to online photography (potentially automatically tagging photos by faces that appear in images).

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