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Maybe that's why my aunt Penny, who got divorced two years ago, hates online dating so much.

Also be flirty, say that something about them is adorable to you. Don’t send the second message before the response, since that won’t work in most cases.

Please don’t use generic words as sexy, gorgeous, cuddle and especially don’t state proudly that the person makes you horny. Of course, girls almost always get the response, but in case you are a female with slight problems on Tinder, check out our list of 12 Best Tinder Openers to Use on Guys.

In order to find out the best opening lines for online dating messages, we looked for recommendations from Forbes, Virtual Dating Assistant, Reddit and Style Nest among others. Also, note that some lines will work better on Tinder (younger users) for example than on OK Cupid (older users).

You should focus on the things that make the person you are messaging unique.

Browse through the photos, find something unusual and start with that.

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It's like impersonating a person--this is what I do instead of engaging with other people.” ― Maggie Wells, “To successfully tell the story, we had to be willing to let people see us as we really were; with all our weaknesses, fears, and imperfections.

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  1. His name is Tony Richards and he has a 15 year old daughter in boarding school in Italy. This has gone on for 16 months and the guy still got in touch with me last week wishing me a happy new year and that he would be home with me soon haha.

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