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Architect Thomas Bennett was appointed chairman of Crawley Development Corporation.

A court challenge to the designation order meant that plans were not officially confirmed until December 1947.

When this was completed in 1770, travel between the newly fashionable seaside resort and London became safer and quicker, and Crawley (located approximately halfway between the two) prospered as a coaching halt.

Three Bridges had become the hub of transport in the area by this stage: one-quarter of its population was employed in railway jobs by 1861 (mainly at the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway's railway works near the station).

At first, little development took place in the town centre, and residents relied on the shops and services in the existing high street.

The earliest progress was in West Green, where new residents moved in during the late 1940s.

After the Second World War, the British Government planned to move large numbers of people and jobs out of London and into new towns around South East England.

The New Towns Act 1946 designated Crawley as the site of one of these.

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The commercial and retail sectors continue to expand.

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