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Each of the pillars of character are represented by a different color, and each homeroom, assigned to one of the specific pillars of character, wore matching T-shirts with the character trait they were representing on their backs.

One homeroom wore white shirts with the word “Pillars” across their backs.

It was brilliant how history was weaved into CMS’s 6th Grade Olympics because as students prepared for the annual event, they researched the ancient cities of Athens, Troy, Sparta, Ithaca, Olympia, Argos, and Corinth.

Some students even donned what were supposed to resemble the wreaths that the ancient Greeks wore on their heads.

I think it’s going to introduce a lot of kids to sports they haven’t really been exposed to yet.

He was a member of the United States Men's National Team for 12 years, and played in the 2004 Athens Olympics, 20 Pan American Gold Medal Games, and multiple World Championships.On Thursday, May 11, 2017 Coronado Middle School’s 24th Annual 6th Grade Olympics were held.CMS physical education teacher Bonnie Mc Cann, as she’s done now for over a decade, once again organized this special event in which 6th grade homerooms compete against one another in a multitude of athletic events. Mc Cann loves this yearly event, and is proud of how far it has come in the thirteen years since she was passed the baton of keeping this sixth grade rite of passage going strong.The 6th Grade Olympics’ opening ceremony began with an energetic march around the track.Just like the real Olympics, where a torch is carried, the first homeroom to make its way around the track held torches too.

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