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We celebrated his birthday last month, and I wanted to take him out to a nice restaurant for dinner. I found out that when you’re celebrating a special occasion, you’re sometimes quite limited with choice, especially if neither of you fancy Arabic food and your boyfriend doesn’t fancy being veggie for the night.Luckily, after some determined Google-ing, and calling restaurants to confirm their Halal status (definitely worth doing when in doubt), I found a lovely special occasion worthy restaurant in Covent Garden.The down side was that I’d left it quite late to book, and you had to pre-order some of the Halal steak cuts two days in advance.There were other steak dishes on the menu, and lots of other tempting meaty food.Islam doesn’t permit drinking alcohol, so those 2-4-1 cocktails quickly become 2-4-YOU, which has its pros and cons.On the one hand: hellooo margaritas; on the other hand, there’s the question of whether I have a moral obligation not to drink in front of him because he’s not allowed to. People have asked if it’s weird when we go out, and no, not it’s not.The program is divided into eight units: Each unit not only contains information and skills for each topic, but also includes an application section with exercises couples can use to apply the ideas to their relationship.

Rather, it is intended to facilitate a process of exploration and decision-making that will help couples find solutions that are right for them.

The couple is encouraged to use the information and tools provided in this program to achieve a consensus on how to address each issue.

When you and your groom are the same religion, figuring out who will marry you is easy--or at least easier than when you two have different religious backgrounds.

I got a lot of ‘But Jaz, he’s a Muslim’, ‘Are you sure about this? Sadly, racism and prejudice is still very much a thing among some people, and too many are still taking warped ideas about Islam and images of a minority of Muslims doing awful things on the news, and applying them to the majority. Some people choose to later when the whole marriage thing happens, but it’s a choice) ‘Does he mind people knowing that you’re a couple? Tradition is something that most families will want to hold on to, so reluctance toward accepting something like a relationship with someone outside of their faith is definitely going to take some time.

Nope, I don’t see the logic there either, and it really is quite sad. Although it’s hard for people our age to get that once upon a time, gay, inter-race or inter-faith couples just weren’t a thing (at least publicly), and for some members of a more conventional, older generation, its still something that their getting their heads around. Especially when you’ve reached a point where you want to be involved in each other’s family lives. It’s not going to be an easy ride but if you both want to make it work, you can. Most of the drama comes from other people who just don’t get it. I don’t know, maybe they missed that PSHE lesson in yeah 4 about not judging people before you get to know them.

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However, many of the ideas may also be useful to interfaith couples, those who belong to different religions (e.g., Christian-Jewish, Christian-Muslim).