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Single eckernförde

Our results and opinions should be considered in light of our experience.We are not writing from the perspective of defensive or combat use of pistols but rather as range shooters first and as collectors second.Both the 952 and PPC9 were well known for their accuracy and were used in bullseye and PPC competition.S&W 3566 Limited 5” The second pistol is the 3566 Limited 5”.We decided that all the pistols tested in this first round should be (1) semiautomatic centerfire pistols that are exceptional in quality and accuracy, (2) built specifically for the range, and (3) chambered for either 9mm or .32S&W Long.Each of these pistols would have an established reputation for accuracy. On the opposite side, we’ll also hear attempts to minimize the value of mechanical accuracy. Any decent pistol is more accurate than the shooter.” Another famous statement is “It’s the Indian not the arrow”.

A champion at Camp Perry like Brian Zins would get far better results with the same pistols.We wanted to test the accuracy potential of some of our best semi autos and see if our anecdotal observations about accuracy were borne out by the data.Would the difference be true differences in mechanical accuracy or would they be differences in shootability due to better ergonomics or other human factors?To accomplish this, we decided to conduct a head to head group test.For this initial test, we chose ten of our pistols in order to make the test manageable.

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We especially appreciate exceptionally well made and accurate post-war handguns.

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